Welcome to the newest Play Centre IN TOWN

Little Sweet Play Centre caters for children aged 0 – 5yr olds ONLY, we have lots of soft play equipment, including building blocks, tunnels, slides, ride on toys, seesaws, rockers, a bouncy castle, ball pits and much more.

Playing is fun at any age and we know this from watching our own children and seeing how exuberant, carefree and energized they are when they are having fun and playing.

There are also other benefits from physical and active play which include social skills and interaction, mental stimulation and physical and learning skills and all of these will assist in other aspects of their lives as they grow.

But we know that its not all about the children and the thing we love most about our Little Sweet Play Centre is because of its size you will be able to relax, enjoy a Coffee or Tea and not have to worry about where the Little Sweets have disappeared too!

However, parents are also encouraged to participate and must supervise their children on the equipment at all times. The youngest children, in particular, will be happiest and most secure when playing with a parent which also creates a wonderful bonding opportunity.

Come down and enjoy spending some time in our family operated Play Centre, we hope to see you soon!